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My schedule and myself

My schedule etc. can be accessed from following clickable items. IN some items password for access will be required.

From My office

From My home

 I have a homepage in my family at here. It is not a good web page but its contents are just memorandums to have nice contact with our neighborhood. Since my family has lived for more than 800 years at Tsujido, center of the Shonan district, there are many issues, which should be done.

My Blogs

I have Three blogs for daily comments, notice of my lectures and the 53rd group. At the beginning of my blogs they were quite active, but recent frequency of their renewal is not high. They are rather bad, bad and terrible respectively.

Contact at emergency

When you need to contact with me, call me at office or send your e-mail tome. However if you are at emergency, use these contact to my cellular phone and my home.


This is me at the stage door of Minato-mirai hall, winter 2004.

his funny face

Summary of my courses

 I have courses for Graduate school of Urban Innovation and Department of Civil Engineering. And one course is available for Graduate school of Engineering. Since Syllabuses for those courses from YNU are official, you should check them first. But due to timing of the publication, information below is sometimes new. Please check both.

Courses at graduate school

Advanced Wind Engineering

This is a course for Master program of Graduate school of Environment and Information Sciences. Fundamental knowledge in design application and its background for bridge wind engineering is discussed. As its contents, physical property of wind, wind-induced phenomenon, interpretation as a part of structural design process and vibration control will be illustrated. The syllabus is here.
Two courses below have same contents.

Advanced theory of Wind Engineering

This is a course for Graduate school of Engineering.

Theory of Space-Frame Application

This is old name of "Advanced Wind Engineering". Due to year of entrance this course should be taken in stead of "Advanced Wind Engineering".

Disaster prevention system for infrastructures

This is a course for Doctor program of Graduate school of Environment and Information Sciences. Selected recent topics in strong wind disaster will be studied as student participating lecture like so-called seminar etc., Its syllabus is here.

Modelling and Simulation

This is obligational for student of the Master course of Graduate school of Environment and Information Sciences. I will offer one period sometimes.

Courses for undergraduates

Mechanics of Structure II

 Mechanics of Structure consists of three lecturers and two exercises. Mechanics of Structure II is second part of the series. At Mechanics of Structure I, idea of balance, section force and stress/strain will be studied.Then at Mechanics of Structure II, deformation as the beam will be studied. Finally at Mechanics of Structure III, deformation as the elastic body will be studied.At the first part contents are easy to understand intuitively. But at II many examples of mathematical settlements are needed. By this reason students apt to feel that it is not easy to understand. But from a viewpoint of frame work of the Mechanics of Structure and purpose of education at YNU it is not easy to suppress some contents. Those details are here.

Steel structure

 Topics to construct steel structures are illustrated. Those consist of history of the steel, connection of steel members and design method of members, which depend on the working force. As at YNU there is no course with name of bridges, characteristics of various bridges are also introducing, showing actual examples of bridges.Their details are here.

Exercises on Structural Mechanics I

 This exercise is obligational to obtain practical skill in Mechanics of Structure. Details are here.

Civil Engineering and Society



Requirements at Graduate school of Engineering and Graduate school of Environment and Informtion Sciences are similar but strategy of registration of courses is different. Check course manual carefully to make coorect registration of courses.