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Hitoshi YAMADA, Professor


 Everything, including the research, Education etc., doesn't work if the mutual communication is not enough. It is quite common in Japanese as well as in other languages. If your words are fluently, it will be OK, but wishes to try to tell are more important. In our group, we welcome your autonomous and active attitude in the research ( of course not selfish ). When an autonomous problem solving, a creative idea are shown, it is very glad. Besides when you spend hours in the laboratory, it will be also welcome. It can produce good relationship with the members. It is my recommendation.
 Although the file size is about 10 MB and heavy, my interview video which Mr. Ishihara, Master in March 2008, produced, is here (Quicktime) or here (Windows Media Player)

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My achievements are listed in the faculty directory of YNU and they are omitted here.

My life of Yokohama National University which started at the middle of my Doctoral course, too, became very long. The campus of YNU is close to center of Yokohama but have good natural environment with open air and free circumstances in the education and the research. My home town is close to beach of Shonan area, and I like the campus with much of sun shine like my home town.

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Web page in my lectures is here.

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Someone said during my lecture I am grim, but it is not all for me.Please drop in my office to talk with me. It will be my great pleasure to exchange opinions frankly with many people, not only of my research group but also of the department, etc.. After students decide their major field, they are apt to look at their narrow area. It will not be a good situation for their future.
Recently I have a problem that I cannot have enough time for students due to my various jobs. It is quite sad for me. I have blogs for my life. If you do not mind Japanese blogs, you can access them from here

Hiroshi KATSUCHI, Associate Professor





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Ei-ichi SASAKi, Associate Professor


私たちの研究分野は,とても自由な雰囲気です.自由なディスカッションができるいい雰囲気です.交流会もたびたび開催されます.興味がある人は是非いらしてください.  これだけは気をつけなきゃと思っていること:自由な雰囲気も影響しているのか,ちょっと気をつけないと,ぼーっと時間だけが去っていきます.私は,割とこじんまりとしたスペースで,自由なディスカッションをしながら,あれこれ試みるのが一番合っていて,そういったゼミも毎週実施しておりますが,それがペースメーカ的になって,自然とお互いの認識確認を定期的に行えるといいかなと思っています.  テレビやインターネット等から情報がいっぱい入ってきますし,気持ちが乱されてモチベーションを保つのが難しい昨今と思いますが,できる限り,今できることをちょっとずつ進めることが大事なのかなと思っています.でもこれは,本当に難しいことですね.お互い頑張りましょう.



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