Various resources of our bridge research and education group

Greeting words

The most important research resources are colleagues who check our web-page, including you, and many students who share our research interests.
We express our deepest thanks for coming to our web^page.
It will be true that constructions of new bridges are needed for sustainable development of areas all over the world, but in Japan main flow of the bridge engineering has been shifted from the construction to the maintenance. But we do not forget emotion to open a new route on waters, and we hope to keep continuous passions to develop new technology and vision for new structures.

Hitoshi YAMADA, Professor

Member of the research team


I am very happy to share wonderful reserach experiences with my colleaguse and students, including my old students.
Those people are my imprtant treasure.

  • Professor emeritus Dr. Toshio MIYATA
  • Graduate School of Urban Innovation

  • Professor Dr.Hitoshi YAMADA
  • Professor Dr. Hiroshi KATSUCHI
  • Associate Professor Dr. Mayuko NISHIO
  • Research Associate Dr. Haeyon KIM
  • Secretary Miyuki SAKAI
  • Insitute of Advanced Scieces

  • Distinguished YNU Professor Yozo Fujino
  • IAS Associate Professor Siringoringo Dionysius Manly

Facilities for research

We have offices at EIS building No.1 ,wind tunnels and testing machines at Civil engineering experiment building. .


Location of our offices are on 6th floor of the EIS No.1 building, which you will find in YNU access information.

Low speed wind tunnels

We have following world-class wind tunnels. Those have been used for many actual projects over the world.

Testing machines at Civil engineering experiment building

We are sharing many testing machines with concrete team.