Research activities at our group

Admission policy of our research group

This research group makes research frame of " the infrastructure facilities, the bridges specifically, continue to grow more long with the new demand and to continue to be loved as the part of the society " a theme. To be interested in the bridge regardless of the size with scale is indispensable but it welcomes greatly if you can understand following things to continue a research smoothly in the research field. They seems quite natural for the university students, but regardless of the age, the important thing is important anytime.

  • Your should be interested in infrastructure projects and happy to see present and past projects of bridges.
  • Your should be interested in many academic achievements and listen humbly to advanced knowledge and finding
  • In any research field, any learning field,not only domestically but also internationally,your should be active to publish your achievements widely and happy to have opinions of other researchers, including reviewers.
  • While respecting the personality, the culture of the individual, you should understand importance of the communication.
  • Collaboration with researchers from various countries and international research, education and social contribution are stimulus for your research
We expect the autonomous and imaginative attitude. How you should think of what, in what case, you should act how or it boils and therefore, I will supervise you sufficiently.

September 2005 

Professor Hitoshi Yamada

What you should keep in your mind at our team

 The activity which follows the education research program of the university is of primary concern and our laboratory works are the research and education for the dissertation examination, the paper creating for the degrees of the doctor, the master, the bachelor of engineering. The details are here. Our university has two semester system of the spring semester from April and the autumn semestar from October. Most of Japanese students start their life at the university from the spring semester, while many students from foreign countries start from the Autumn semester. Schedule here is mainly for students from the spring semesters. If you are of the autumn semester, you may shift them at 6 months.

Annual plan of our activity

Annual schedule

The summer holiday, the winter holiday, the spring vacation are a break. Refresh your motivation of research greatly. However, September of the summer holiday is the time when you have to accelerate your thesis work and if you neglect this efforts, its brunt will come soon. Because it is a good time too go out to the foreign countries in September, it can be understandable there are fairly various aspects in your life, but by watching your annual plan in your thesis work well, it is also very important to manage yourself.

  • April Welcome for new members for the group
  • April Thesis work for the undergraduate starts
  • May−July Seminars to prepare the thesis work
  • June−July Finalization of topics of the graduate thesis
  • September−January in next year Progress report every two weeks
  • March 25 or 26 in next year Graduation ceremony / Commencement

It is natural to pick up student's research topics by them selves. But since research theme of our group is not close to dairy life and of construction projects under planning, supervising staff will suggest some to students considering their wish and aptitude.

Annual events at our team

 It will be better to contact with my students in this, rather than us

  • Welcoming reception as many as ..
  • Party to celebrate mid-defence, final defence, lab-work for 3rd year students
  • Celebration for jobs and prizes
  • birthday celebration
Items above are surely organized

Besides,we do the following, too, ordinarily.

  • laboratory trip
  • BBQ, seine net in summer

Round-table conferences with beer and wine are supposed to be organized once per month for our group but when looking back, about twice per month may be average. While according to some, it is a fact of " the teachers like feasts " , we feel that individual relation ship among the teachers and the students are close and become strong. However, according to a certain teacher, it will be mistake to have regular feast for the group but it is OK sufficiently in us.

Advisory for trip in foreign countries

 The students who enjoys traveling abroad as the summer holiday, the winter holiday or the graduation trip are increasing. Even if are made only when young, the one does a walkabout. It becomes possible and easier to go out casually to the foreign countries and there is a feeling as there is to be accustomed. There is a case of the kidnapping, too, in the university. All of students are asked to tell their itinerary and their emergency contact address to supervisors before they start their trip.
 If you feel risk of injury is not much, you do not know facts. You should keep in your mind that you should be always careful and dangerous situation is very close to you in many countries.

How to carry out research

Topics for your thesis work

Your just inspiration without backed-up appropriate knowledge doesn't give you any reasonable research theme. The followings are very important.

  • Why is it necessary to implement the research?
  • Do you have a reason enough to start your research compared with existing researches ( enough survey of reference and motivation of the research in existing achievements )
  • What can you appeal for as the result? What is your originality and is new and sales point in your research?
  • How useful is your result about our society?
  • Do not you regret to start it?

How to find your topics

It is essential that you want to try. However, you should reconsider organization of your idea in the written point above. Maybe followings are of a good idea.
?Compile your knowledge by careful survey of related journals
?Attend to academic meetings to check current topics
?Ask your supervisors and members of related groups their opinions -- It will be an essential manner in your life rather than in your research to understand where there are useful information and who has a key knowledge.
Lastly if you can explain points your research in importance for your society under items above, you will be very close to Ph.D. Details are は

How to write your thesis

 There is not to be permitted to write freely at all when writing a paper . There is a fundamental structure which you should always keep as technical papers. Because it is a paper, it is to organize a point at issue, to use a basis and to tell its idea widely. Therefore, lyrical expression is unsuitable for the paper and the reference paper, the idea of the research, the objective material and their explanation which is based on the basis are indispensable to increase value and credibility as the technical paper. The details are here and there are a wide range of English and/or Japanese manual to write your technical thesis and papers. Thesis writing is a hard work for everyone.

Publication of your research

Your work is academic achievement for our society and you should publish it. Besides Yokohama National University is one of national universities in Japan. Since our goverment has supported you a lot of the budget, it is your obligation to publish your research and make it open for sutainable development of our society. You have a lot of chances to make your achievemnet widely known.

Oral presentation is easy but not enough

  • 土木学会年次学術講演会,締め切りは3月末から4月初め
  • 風工学会研究発表会 公募論文は隔年
  • 鋼構造協会年次発表会

Submission to local journals with review and local symposiums are good

  • Journal of Strutural Earthquake engineering,September
  • Journal of Wind Engineering,June of every two years
  • Symposium for applied mechnaics
  • JSCE summer symposium
  • JAWE journals,Any time
  • JSCE journals,Any time

Submission to international journals with review and international symposiums are strongly recomennded

  • ASCE Journals,Any time
  • Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Dynamics,Any time
  • IABSE Journals, conference, sympojium,Any time
  • ICWE,APCWE,EASEC, IASS, International communities in Structural health monitoring, Earthquake and so on, ...

Procedures for the degree

Application for Master degree

Your application in November or December is the first step of the process. At your submission you have to get the reception stamp at the administration office on the tittle page of your thesis.

Annual plan

Your plan of various steps to execute your work should be decided calcolatimg backward from the critical date, shch as the deadline. Then following this plan, you should carry out corresponding works by turns or in advance of the schedule. The paper presenting deadline including the outside journal is the important day which it should keep of course. First, for now, when assuming the finish of the graduation which is on March 25th and March 26th in March, graduation from it, it is as follows in the schedule of the ordinary year. The details are also here .

  • Defence of dissertations Middle of February for the Master and end of Feberuary for the undergraduate
  • Deadline of the thesis End of January for the Master and Middle of Feberuary for the undergraduate
  • Review of alomost final thesis Review by your supervisor is obligation. Since it requires alomost one week for reviewing, you must submit your thesis in almost final form to your supervisor before Janurary 20 for the Master and February 10 for the undergraduate.
  • Thesis writing You should spend 1 week of minimum for your thesis writing. It is miserable to write the theses like the pickles salted overnight,, which end long school life. Let's take time sufficiently in your thesis writing.
  • Presentation Presentation is very important. Point of the presentation is to undertand its pupose. It is a presentation of progress or achievement of your research, but it will be failure if your audience don not understand your points of discussion and basis of your discussion.Your presentation should be strategic to make your audience understand you. Some example of sildes for OHP arehere. They may be outdated.
  • Arrangement of your achievement You should make a meeting a guide teacher sufficiently. The wrong impression causes hand return. Considering the scedule, it cases hard situation unless your preparation is almost finished at the first of January for the Master and at the end of January ofr the undergraduates.
  • The thesis writing and arranegment of your achievement can be of the parralel work. You should do your work efficiently
  • The collection and the arrangement of the data  You should do it efficiently under your supervisor(s) by frequent discussions.

Required documents

Requirements for submission of the thesis shoould be checked by yourself at your earlier convenience.

  • Finalized thesis, checked by your supervisor in advance
  • Copies of the finalized thesis for YNU repository and/or for hard-cover binding
  • Abstract for Department of Civil engineering

To continue your topics at our team, arrange following informations on electric media, such as DVD, USB memory etc.

  • Document file of your thesis and ppt files for your presentation at various occasions
  • all of data and your research note, which you use in your thesis


Check here when you write your papers.