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Akashi in WT
Purpose of our group is research and education in structures of the bridge, from ordinary bridges in your neighborhood to long-span bridges of cable-stayed bridges and suspension Bridges. Our investigation are to keep safety and relentless service of those bridge under various loadings, including the strong wind and the earthquake, as a part of the infrastructure.
Since our activities are very much specialized, if necessary, contact with us. We will be happy to help you. Contents here are just introduction of our activities, but we will be pleased if those assist your understanding of the bridges and those can be a trigger to start discussions on them.

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Hitoshi YAMADA, Professor August 2008

Interests in bridges

 Our research target is design and construction of new bridges and maintenance of existing bridges as a part of our civilization and their maintenance for the sustainable development of our global society.
 Topics which are frequently asked and have been materials of our lectured at various occasions are following. Further information will be shown here.

In our research


Research topics

Topics of our research activities can be summarized as below. Their details are here

Bridge and wind

Bridge and Vibration

Research activities

Research projects

Monitoring of steel bridges

 Dr. Nishio is working on Myoko Bridge monitoring project.

Wind engineering discussion of proposed bridges

 Every year we have some in Japanese and overseas bridge discussion. But Most of them cannot be opened for public
 During long recession, market of domestic long span bridges are eliminated, but in these years some new projects of cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges have started. This is a waiting good news for bridge engineers. On the other hand under the globalization not only bridge projects by Japanese company in Foreign country bu also collaboration with foreign institutes and universities have become shape.