Welcome message from Prof. Hitoshi Yamada

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Goal of our research team is investigations of design, construction and management problems of bridges.

 When we have a project of new long-span bridge project, what should we consider? Safety during its service against various loading, especially against natural disasters will be very important. On the other hand bridges must be loved by people of the surrounding area. It must be a part of relaxed and/or dramatic landscape.
 There are many researchers for the bridge engineering and there are many aspects of the bridge engineering. Our team will cover most of them, but our main interests are dynamics of bridges and their safety against various loadings, especially natural disasters during their construction as well as their service.
 As technical key-words of our team I can pick up bridge, cable supported bridge, wind engineering, steel strength and health monitoring.
 Our staff were very fortunate to participate many national bridge projects and international bridge project, such as the Akashi kaikyo Bridge, Tatara Bridge, the Kurushima kaikyo Bridge and the Seto Ohhashi Bridge of the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge project, the Yokohama Bay bridge, Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge and so on. From those experience we got various knowledge as actual projects. We will be very happy to teach them to you. A

 Do not hesitate to tell us when you have any questions in the bridge structures. We will do our best to help you.

August 2008

Dr. Hitoshi Yamada, Professor